The S. S. Minnow gained fame in the 1960s sitcom Gilligan's Island as the vessel that took the crew and passengers for a three hour tour. The weather turned, and they were all shipwrecked on a tropical island, setting the scene for the hilarious series that became a part of North American pop culture.


According to sources, there were three different seaworthy boats used  for the series, and a fourth was simply a prop. This site refers to the one used in the opening of the second and third season color episodes, previously named the Bluejacket. It is apparently the only remaining boat from the series.


After a complete overhaul and refurbishing by craftsman Jim Clark of Nanaimo, the iconic vessel now resides in Nanaimo, British Columbia on the east side of Vancouver Island and has a new role as a fundraiser for various charities and non-profits by offering "Three Hour Tours" sightseeing excursions around Nanaimo Harbour.